Academic Qualification Check

What is an Academic Qualification Check?

Many fields require potential employees’ academic histories to be verified – an Academic Qualification Check can confirm an individual’s degree, majors and minors, honours, graduation date, and dates of attendance.

If your industry requires specific qualifications or windows of graduation, Academic Qualification Checks are useful to validate the qualifications potential employees list, as well as confirming potential exaggerations like honours and date of graduation, so you can have peace of mind when hiring new additions.


Why should you get an Academic Qualification Check?

  • It’s important to know you’re hiring the right person – an Academic Qualifications Check can give you the assurance that you’re making a well-informed employment decision.
  • If you need to verify new staff’s qualifications for compliance and standards purposes, an Academic Qualifications Check is the easiest way to confirm such details.


What does an Academic Qualification Check cover?

An Academic Qualification Check validates academic information directly with the listed institution. A certificate is provided which confirms details about:

  • Institution attended
  • Dates of attendance
  • Qualification awarded
  • Graduation date
  • Student name at institutions


What will you receive from an Academic Qualification Check?

Once your Academic Qualification Check results are finalised, you will receive an electronic certificate emailed to your nominated email address.


Why should you use Global Checks?

You don’t want to waste time when hiring a new employee – Global Checks can provide a fast and accurate Academic Qualification Check so you can hire with complete confidence. All Global Checks enquiries can be completely trusted, and are simple to conduct for your convenience.