AFP Australian Federal Police Check

What is an Australian Federal Police (AFP) Police Check?

An Australian Federal Police Check, more commonly known as an AFP Check, is the most authoritative and secure type of police check in Australia. It is the only police check accepted by the Australian Departments of Home Affairs and Immigration for migration purposes.

Australian Federal Police Checks are printed on a special type of secure paper that uses light-responsive images, heat-sensitive ink, and microtype text borders to ensure their authenticity.

Why should you get an AFP Federal Police Check?

  • For any background or police check required by the Australian Department of Immigration or Department of Home Affairs, an AFP Check is the only acceptable documentation.
  • Not only is an Australian Federal Police Check the highest level of police check on offer, it’s also the most comprehensive and reliable option.
  • Australian Federal Police Checks use a special type of paper to ensure their credibility. This paper has light-responsive images, heat-sensitive ink, and design aspects that are incredibly hard to forge.


Who might need an AFP National Police Check?

Australian Federal Police Checks are only provided for certain circumstances, including:

  • Australian immigration purposes
  • People seeking employment overseas or with the Commonwealth Government
  • People requiring a check under Commonwealth legislation
  • Overseas adoption
  • Visa applications for overseas travel
  • Where the applicant resides overseas, or
  • Residents of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Jervis Bay Territory and external Commonwealth territories


What does an AFP National Police Check cover?

An Australia Federal Police Check lists all of an applicant’s disclosable court outcomes and pending charges gathered from the databases of all Australian police jurisdictions.

Disclosable court outcomes are a record of court convictions and findings of guilt, to which relevant spent convictions, non-disclosure legislation, and/or information release policy provisions have been applied.

The type and quantity of information released depend upon the category and purpose of the police check, as well as the jurisdiction where the convictions are recorded and vetted. Spent convictions legislation or information release policies are applied to the process by vetting police agencies.


What will you receive from an AFP Federal Police Check?

Once your AFP Check results are finalised, your original paper Australian Federal Police Check will be mailed to your supplied Australian postal address.

The result of your AFP Check will either be No Disclosable Court Outcomes (NDCO) or Disclosable Court Outcomes (DCO).

  • An NDCO means there is no Police History Information (PHI) that is held or can be released.
  • DCO shows existing Police History Information that can be released to the submitting organisation. The PHI may include charges, court convictions (including any penalty or sentence), findings of guilt with no conviction, court appearances, good behaviour bonds or other court orders, pending matters awaiting a court hearing, and/or traffic history.


Why should you use Fast Checks?

At Fast checks, we use the same technology as the Australian Federal Police to verify your police check, usually in under a week. Our technology enables the process to be entirely paper-free, making it faster and easier than ever before.