ASIC Personal Extract Check

What is an ASIC Personal Extract Check?

When hiring a new employee for a senior position, it’s crucial to check both their personal and professional backgrounds. An ASIC Personal Extract Check can provide detailed information as to their professional engagement with different companies, and the position/s they held.

An ASIC Personal Extract Check utilises data from the Australia Securities and Investments Commission and allows you to check professional relationships and roles that individual has had, the date commenced, and date ceased if relevant.

This check is useful when going into business with an individual, or employing for a role that deals with your business’ management.


Why should you get an ASIC Personal Extract Check?

  • It’s important to check the history of anyone you might be entering into business with or employing in a senior role, such as a director or partner. An ASIC Personal Extract Check is a simple way to check professional backgrounds.
  • ASIC Personal Extract Checks can note when individuals have been banned or disqualified from acting in senior positions, so it’s easy to protect your business from such individuals.
  • If you need to check whether an individual is still involved with certain companies, an ASIC Personal Extract Check can reveal such details. You can check whether those companies are still trading, and what the individual’s ongoing position is.


What does an ASIC Personal Extract Check cover?

An ASIC Personal Extract Check allows you to search the ASIC Register for an individual. A certificate is provided with the following details:

  • Name
  • Birth details – date and location (e.g.: City and/or Country)
  • Residential address
  • Current/former roles in a company – company director or secretary
  • Date of Appointment to, and cessation from, a company
  • Current/former share interests in a company – number of shares and class of shares
  • Information on the company – ABN/ACN, Name and Address

An extract can also indicate if the person is a banned futures or securities representative or disqualified director.


What will you receive from an ASIC Personal Extract Check?

Once your results are finalised, you will receive an electronic ASIC Personal Extract Check certificate emailed to your nominated email address.


Why should you use Global Checks?

Global Checks are industry leaders in providing verified ASIC Personal Extract Checks. Our system can provide ASIC Personal Extract Checks quickly, and you can always trust Global Checks results to be accurate and authentic.