Bankruptcy & Insolvency Check

What is a Bankruptcy & Insolvency Check?
It’s crucial to check that potential clients or business partners are credit-worthy and haven’t claimed bankruptcy in the past. By utilising a Bankruptcy & Insolvency Check to access the data held by the Australian Financial Security Authority, you can minimise your risk of engaging with bad debtors.

Why should you get a Bankruptcy & Insolvency Check?
Some business deals need to happen quickly; a Bankruptcy & Insolvency Check is a fast way to ensure your potential client or debtor is credit-worthy.
All businesses want to minimise the risk of bad debts! That’s why it’s important to check debtors’ history to protect your own business in the future.
To protect your business when entering into new corporate partnerships or stakeholder relationships, it’s valuable to have complete assurance of any involved party’s trading history.

What does a Bankruptcy & Insolvency Check cover?
The information provided by a Bankruptcy and Insolvency Check includes:

The type and date of past proceedings
Full name
Other names
Trading name of the debtors in question, and
The details of any past proceeding

What will you receive from a Bankruptcy & Insolvency Check?
Once your check results are finalised, you will receive an electronic Bankruptcy & Insolvency certificate emailed to your nominated email address.

Why should you use Global Checks?
For a Bankruptcy and Insolvency Check that you can trust, Global Checks is the quickest and most reliable Bankruptcy provider. Our proprietary technology works with the Australian Financial Security Authority database to give you quick results, while our paperless system streamlines the enquiry process so there are no delays to your business’ progress.