Credit Check

What is a Credit Check?

A Credit Check has numerous uses and is a helpful tool to assess your own financial standing or that of another party. For personal or business purposes, it’s important to understand your credit score when applying for finance, or planning your financial growth.

Usually, people undertake Credit Checks to be more informed as to how potential lenders view them. These lenders could include banks, utility providers, credit lenders, and telecommunications agencies.

A Credit Check can also help you to have peace of mind when entering into business deals or partnerships with a party whose personal or business history you aren’t familiar with.


Why should you get a Credit Check?

  • When applying for credit or planning your financial future, it’s important to ensure that your credit score is correct so you’re assessed and charged accordingly.
  • Protect your business from difficult or costly situations, conduct a credit check for any individual you provide credit to.
  • To make stronger business decisions, you can estimate how long other businesses you engage with will run for, and plan accordingly.


What does a Credit Check cover?

A Credit Check documents:

  • Your personal details (such as age and where you live)
  • The type of credit providers you have used (e.g. bank or utility company)
  • The amount of credit you have borrowed
  • The number of credit applications and enquiries you have made
  • Any unpaid or overdue loans or credit
  • Any debt agreements or personal insolvency agreements relating to bankruptcy


What will you receive from a Credit Check?

Once your Credit Check results are finalised, you will receive an electronic certificate emailed to your nominated email address.


Why should you use Global Checks?

While many people neglect to regularly conduct Credit Checks, Global Checks makes it so simple that you never need to take a financial risk, and can always stay ahead of your credit and finance needs. As one of Australia’s leading financial checks providers, our system can quickly deliver an accurate Credit Check, and all you need to do is provide basic details.