Social Media Check

Social Media Check Overview

Everything we share, post and search online can have an effect on our day-to-day lives. In order to ensure your current employees and potential candidates are making responsible choices online that will not cause your organisation any harm or put your business at risk, a social media background check can be conducted to mitigate any risks that may be present. Industry leading technology used by highly trained social media analysts can provide you with up to date and detailed information about your employees’ and candidates’ online activity.

Social Media: Summary Report

This report provides an overall summary of the internet activity undertaken by potential and current employees, providing the subject’s profiles on various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Analysts will use these profiles to verify the subject’s identity, removing unnecessary results to create a report that complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) standards.

Social Media: Mid Report

A Mid Report is a slightly more detailed overview of an individual or company’s online presence. Analysts will conduct specific searches throughout search engines and social media in order to find relevant information. The Mid Report contains all information included in the Summary Report, as well as a review of its findings, giving you a snapshot of the individual’s online presence. Once all findings are verified and finalised, all relevant information, including screenshots and links, will be catalogued and analysed, before being sent to you as a complete overview with comments from the analyst.

Social Media: Executive Report

The Executive Report is an in-depth report that takes a profound look at the online presence of an individual or company. Analysts dive into social media sites, search engines and the deep web to find various information, reviewing it in detail to match what you’re looking for. After relevant information has been found and verified, findings will be presented to you in a complete overview, including comments and catalogued details such as screenshots and links.