VEVO Check

What is a VEVO Check?

A Visa Entitlement Verification Online Check, known simply as a VEVO Check, is an easy way to ensure your potential employees are eligible to work in Australia and are the right fit for your business. By guaranteeing immigration details like visa type, working conditions and visa expiry date, you can be confident that you’re making good legal and business decisions when hiring.

It’s important to check that potential employees have an eligible visa to work in Australia, so you can avoid costly penalties associated with hiring illegal workers, as well as the nuisance of having to re-hire and re-train.


Why should you get a VEVO Check?

  • It’s important to know your business is in safe hands. A VEVO Check gives you the confidence of knowing your employees are legally allowed to work in Australia.
  • A VEVO Check allows you to know the working conditions of all your employees, making it easy to remain compliant in the workplace.
  • It’s important to diversify your employee body without risking your business. The assurance of a VEVO Check removes the guesswork of hiring employees on differing visas.


What does a VEVO Check cover?

A VEVO Check will outline the specifics of an individual’s visa, including:

  • Which visa
  • The expiry date
  • The must not arrive after date
  • The period of stay (how long the person can stay), and
  • Any conditions (what the person can and can’t do)


What will you receive from a VEVO Check?

Once your VEVO Check results are finalised, you will receive an electronic certificate emailed to your nominated email address.


Why should you use Global Checks?

For the assurance of a comprehensive visa check for potential employees, a VEVO verification from Global Checks is a fast and trustworthy option to guarantee your peace of mind.

As one of Australia’s leading providers of verified background checks, Global Checks’ VEVO Checks are a reliable assurance. Our proprietary technology allows us to quickly complete a range of background checks, while our paperless system makes it easy for you to provide documentation and monitor the progress of your checks.